Storm Chasing Experience

My other favorite thing to do besides programming and computers would be watching the weather. Over the last couple seasons, I have gone storm chasing with a couple friends. One of them is studying to be a meteorologist, and we’ve been able to track down and catch storms pretty well. Although we have yet to see a tornado, we have ran into pretty much everything else including high winds, hail, lightning, and very heavy rain.

[local /wp-content/uploads/2007/07/chase_2007-06-07_tl1.flv nolink]

This video was from our last chase up around the Rockford, IL on June 7, 2007. We were hoping this storm was going to produce something, but it never did. This was the first time we did a time lapse video, so yes, that is us in the shot forgetting that the camera is still rolling. The was the first storm we tracked down. We deployed at a wonderful place with a great view for miles. As you can see in the video, we were able to watch that storm for quite some time.

After that storm passed, we dropped a few miles south because the next storm was going to cross over right over us if we didn’t move. We saw a wall cloud similar to the one in the footage, but it didn’t look that impressive, so we didn’t film it. We were sitting in the car when we realized it was still going to pass overhead even though we thought we were out of the way. Still this second storm didn’t seem that threatening so we stayed. We only got a few bursts of rain and possibly a funnel cloud out of that one.

I also added a second video that is a little slower, and thus, longer.

[local /wp-content/uploads/2007/07/chase_2007-06-07_tl2.flv]

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