Let Search Engines Help When Out of Blogging Ideas

If “writer’s block” means anything, then the following might interest you. The only way to keep traffic coming to your website or weblog is to keep writing new content, but what if you run out of ideas or need a boost to come up with the next big story? The answer is very simple and is most likely in your site itself.

First, if you don’t have some sort of means of reporting traffic to your site, you might want to take care of that first. I use WordPress to power my weblog, and I use the WordPress.com Stats to view traffic information. Specifically, you need something that will tell you how people are finding your website. You need to know the search terms used to find your site in search engine results.

Now look at the keywords that are used to get to your site. Here are some of mine as an example.

Relevant Keywords

You can most likely match up those searched keywords with the relevant post in my blog and see why they were sent here. Now see some more searched that were sent to my blog.

Not Relevant Keywords

Up until yesterday, I didn’t have a post that would match up with that set of keywords. I had no blog entry that explained how to convert a video to images, but I do now, because I saw that the search engines were already sending people over here that wanted that information.

The key is to look in your searched phrases for searches that are not explained in your blog. By seeing that, you know that people are actively seeking it, and if you write about it, people will find it.

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