Change Font and Icon Sizes in Ubuntu

It seemed that Ubuntu’s icons have always been larger than the icons are on Windows. This may be trivial for some people, but I wanted my desktop and nautilus icons to be a bit smaller. Changing the icon sizes as well as the font size is fairly easy. These steps are based on Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10.

Change the Icon Sizes

  1. Open a Nautilus window. The easiest way to do that is by clicking on Places -> Home Folder from your main Gnome menu.
  2. Click on Edit -> Preferences in that Nautilus window.
  3. Adjust the Icon View Defaults percentage accordingly.File Management Preferences

Change the Font Sizes

This will change the font sizes on Gnome globally.

  1. Click on System -> Preferences -> Appearance from your Gnome menu.
  2. Click on the fonts tab.
  3. Click on the Details… button.
  4. Change the value in the Resolution box.

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Denzil January 20th, 2011 at 1:14 am

Thank you very much..
I recently bought a sony vaio e series and since the screen is full HD and the resolution is high the font on ubuntu was rather too small …
was searching for this post for a long time … thanks

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