Add Desktop Icons to Ubuntu Linux

When you first install your version of Ubuntu, you are left with a plain looking desktop with only icons of your mount points. I wanted to add icons for my computer, trash, home folder, and more. This article explains how to do it. This tip works for Ubuntu Gutsy, Feisty, and possibly older.

Easy Way

The easiest way is to install gtweakui. If your scared of the terminal, click on Applications menu, and then Add/Remove. Type ‘gtweakui’ in the search box.

Add/Remove Dialog

If you are not afraid of the terminal, run this command to install gtweakui:

sudo apt-get install gtweakui

This will install four front-end config windows. You can view them all, but we are only concerned about one of them. Click on System -> Preferences -> gTweakUI – Nautilus. Check as needed and close the window.

gTweakUI - Nautilus

Hard but More Options Way

The more difficult but more options way would be to fire up the gconf-editor. Hit Alt+F2 on your keyboard and type in gconf-editor.

Run gconf-editor

Follow this path: apps -> nautilus -> desktop. Check boxes as needed.

Configuration Editor - desktop

If you selected all the check boxes, your desktop should have these (or similar):

My Desktop

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david July 8th, 2008 at 5:43 pm

i downloaded a folder icon with a .png extension. I want to make this the default icon for all folders. How do i install it in ubuntu 7.10?

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