How to Stop SPAM and Know Where it’s Coming From

Spam is virtually unavoidable because once they get your address, there is no stopping it. The only way people say to stop spam is to frequently change your email address. Since you know that’s not an option, there is another way that will keep the spammers at bay and find out exactly who is giving away your email address.

Method 1: Plus Addressing

Plus addressing is a method that allows you to attach additional text to your email address. For example, if your email is, you can also use or When you register on websites, make a sort string that represents that site. Keep a list if you need help keeping track. Then, if you start getting spam on that email, block it, and then send a nasty letter to that webmaster because you know they were giving away your email address to spammers.

The good news is that this feature is already enabled if you can use it. You just have to know if you can. The best way to know is to just try it. Try sending yourself a test email and see if you receive it. I know this method works with Gmail users.

Method 2: Default Address on Your Own Domain

If method 1 doesn’t work for you, I will admit method 2 is a bit more of a long shot, but it works just as well. What you will need is your own domain (works for people with their own website).

I will give you instructions on how to do it using cPanel, but I’m sure it works in other environments.

  1. If your domain name is, create a master email address. Do not share this one. (we will say for this example)
  2. Now create a subdomain ( for our little tutorial).
  3. Find “Default Address” under your Mail options on your site’s control panel. You will see that unrouted mail sent to your subdomain will fail and bounce.
  4. Click the “Set Default Address” link and set the default address for your new subdomain to go to that master email address that you created.
  5. Now, your email is where “anything” is anything you want.

Same goes for the plus addressing. Set your email address for each of the websites you register at. Now you know who’s spamming you and can easily block them.

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